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FFXIV Story: Fighting in Stone Vigil

Postby TamamShamoon » Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:20 pm

Have quite a bit of stories to tell. I don't know if I'm that "lucky", but somehow I often end up in the dungeons with the weirdest people.

Leveling roulette (Stone Vigil).
Message, that someone is new, and it's a bard. Tank is a DRK. Sweet, means things should go smoothly, since tank is not a newb. Im armed with aero and rocks to contribute to the fast run. First pull, Im putting some dots and notice that tanks health is going down VERY fast. Oh well, less dps then. But Im still struggling to heal the damage! I have to spam cure/cureII without even a slight break. DPS is not that great, but it's bearable. We proceed to first boss and kill it. And then tank starts pulling two groups at a time (while Im struggling to heal him through one pull, honestly). I pop everything that I have (which is not much on this lvl) and somehow we continue.

One more pull, tank dies, insta ress, miraculously didn't wipe. Next pull, same situation and again, somehow we didn't wipe. Ice sprites and tank aggroes mobs in the next room accidentally and this time we wipe. I check tanks gear and its.... almost starting DRK gear. WTF?! Anyway, it's too late, we're struggling past the second boss. Coming to a last boss, BRD viewing cutscene, but who needs DPS?! He rushes headlong into the boss even tho I preliminary warned everyone to WAIT in chat tow times! So of course BRD gets locked out and three of us (including DRG as a second dps) poke the boss for an eternity. We managed to kill it without an extra dps, because this boss is a joke, but I was mad.

Amdapor (first time run). We go in with my wife as a tank and me as a healer. Wife read about the dungeon, didn't quite understand what should happen, but I said yolo and we went in. End up with two bards, one is new and one has been there but speaks french and can't really communicate in english very well so he just tells us to figure it out on the go. Anyway, everything goes fine and we love the dungeon, the theme and music. Last boss, french bard is like: fight is complicate, figure out! Well, YOLO! I see doors and marks on them and immediately figure out that they need to be opened. So through trial and error after wiping 2 times I figured out what to do with doors (French BRD, knowing the fight didn't help us, but w/e). So we go in the third time and I say in chat: I WILL OPEN DOORS. I quickly marked some doors to open, only to realize someone is wiping off my marks! (turned out it was my wife lol, she wanted to mark the doors for me too) Welp, good thing I have a good visual memory. I open one door and go to another one, while healing.

Diabolos starts his cast and I open the second door...and nothing happens. French BRD just opened another door! UGHhh. Wipe again, I tell him that I WILL OPEN DOORS again. Meanwhile my wife doesn't understand what's happening (I had to explain it to her in detail after fight because she somehow wasn't getting it lol) and why I'm so mad D: We go again and the same story happens, I open door, bard opens different freaking door. At the time I honestly thought I'd punch my screen. I votekicked him but other dps didn't understand what's happening either, so the french guy stayed. My wife as a tank gave orders that only I should open the doors and we waited confirmation from a frenchman, he said okay so we went in and this time we actually did it. It wasn't a 90 minute dungeon (only 60 lol) but it was the most maddening experience I've had in this game so far Also, I dont think BRD was trolling, I think he honestly didnt understand what is going on and tried to do the dungeon, but I was still extremely mad.

And another one as a repost from the thread of "healer's nightmare" although it's not directly healer related:

Not exactly healing related but.. First time in Aetherochemical research facility. I go in say hello and inform everyone that I'm a firsttimer. No answer but w/e. Tank is very well geared PLD (190+ ilvl). He proceeds and pulls A LOT. I manage to heal and even throw some dps in process. Everything goes smooth and fast, we kill two bosses without any problems. We reach last boss and there is a story cs there for like 30 seconds or so. I proceed to watch it to see that they've engaged.... I thought that if they want to proceed without me then okay with FFXIV Power leveling. They wipe to tons of aoe even before I finish watching the cs. after I said that it wasn't very wise to engage when healer is viewing cutscene tank goes apeshit and curses me for slowing the run... Then proceeds to kick me. I found another group and finished it without a problem, but seriously you really can't wait 1 whole minute for a person to watch story in a story driven game? :/ it's not lvl 50 msq raids with 20 minutes of cs, it's literally less than one minute. I feel guilty and afraid of being yelled at every time I watch cs really...and since I'm a healer party will definitely wipe if they engage without me... But they still do it
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