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FFXIV: Some xp on my Paladin

Postby TamamShamoon » Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:50 am

Got Aurum Vale and did the usual; say hi and ask if the group is comfortable with bigger pulls. The 2 dps seemed game, but the healer hesitated, first asking "how big is a big pull?" and then after I said "aggro'ing the enemies up to the 1st boss" he followed up with "I'm a shitty healer". So, I told them no issue and that I would do smaller pulls and gauge the sizes after based on how we do from there...

Here's where it gets fun. Pull the 1st and 2nd mob group right at the start. This consisted of 1 nix, 2 of those flower enemies, 2 bats and then one of the dps pulled in 2 of the jellies by accident after about a min. We wiped. I used up every defensive cooldown I had and even bloodbath trying to keep myself up. The healer wasn't kidding. 700 hp avg heals that came once in a blue moon. I honestly couldn't even tell you if he was attempting to dps as well. I was too busy running around like a damned fool just trying to stay alive in wait for the heals to come because my CD's were recharging.

So after wiping on just 2 mobs, I figured this was gonna be a slow haul and decided 1 mob per pull is probably going to be the pace here (and it was). Unfortunately, the dps kept pulling more mobs in as well, which slowed things down considerably. Most of the time, I was able to keep us from wiping, but I died a total of 5 times. Sadly, when we got to the banemites, we found that even single mob pulls were proving difficult for the healer. Nearly every pull required me to pop all my CD's to stay alive, along with using bloodbath and running away in circle's to avoid more dmg (pls remember, I'm a Paladin as well... so bloodbath really isn't the go to heal as I have no AoE attacks in AV). I thought about using cure on myself even, but I used up all my MP doing flashes just to keep aggro on me since the mobs were so slow to kill.

When we got to coincounter.... oh god was it a nightmare. To top off the lack of heals coming my way, my internet started to crap out on me and I began to lag So this meant mistimed dodges from the 100 ton swings and FFXIV Power leveling, of course, my demise. 1st time was a wipe. 2nd time, the healer managed to swiftcast revive me before anything real bad happened. The bard caught the aggro when I died, so he just ran around the map while I got back up. I immediately pulled the aggro back after 2 hits. Luckily, the healer did get my hp back up by the time his 1st swing came around at me.

Honestly, I'm not, per se, mad at the healer. I got a warning at the beginning. But my god. I've never had to use every CD I had on each and every pull just to stay alive. But the DPS also really weren't dishing out the damage needed either. I can understand the ninja having a bit of trouble whenever I had to start running in circles to offset some damage to stay alive, but the Bard wasn't dealing that much either.

I thought about switching to sword oath to try dishing out more dps, but decided against it as it seemed I needed the defense much more.
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