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The Stone Vigil in FFXIV

Postby TamamShamoon » Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:06 am

Queued for leveling roulette as a monk and got Stone Vigil normal. Bard and I are level synced while the tank and healer are not. Right from the first pull, I notice the tank takes HUGE chunks of damage, and the healer has a very slow reaction time. I used mantra every time it came off cd, as well as stunning when necessary to help out. The tank's hp dips dangerously low during every pull, but we manage to get the first boss.

Everything's fine until the boss starts casting Swinge. The whm gets hit by every single one and barely tops himself off in time. The whm had a black mage at 60, so I figured they had to have done SV at least once... Soon enough, the whm's delayed reaction time catches up to him and he dies. During this whole ordeal, the whm is SERIOUSLY neglecting the tank, who is already taking abnormal amounts of damage. Tank eventually dies and goes "...". Luckily, the bard and I are able to finish the boss off.

As the tank and healer are running back, the tank says, "What are you doing <whm name>?". Healer says nothing, and this is where things get hilarious. Tank then says, "Say something plx <whm name>" and the healer said, "something plx" LOL. Tank then says something about how the healer must be doing something else while playing. Bard leaves and a summoner joins. Every pull until the final boss was a butt-clenching moment for me, even as a dps.

We get to the final boss and the whm makes no attempt to avoid the areas where the boss swoops down. Shortly dies after from very late heals to Buy FFXIV Gil. We wipe and from then until the end of the dungeon, the tank keeps insisting that the whm was preoccupied or something, even saying, "Not eating for 5 minutes isn't going to kill you, <whm name>". The one thing that was clear was that the whm wasn't learning from any of his mistakes. We wiped twice more from the same situation and the tank kept saying the same thing about the healer. Also, when any aoe damage went out, the whm didn't use medica even once. Instead, he individually put regen on each of us... I pointed out that medica was more useful, and I eventually saw him casting one... when he was on the complete opposite side of the room to ALL of us. We get a lucky attempt where the dragon manages to miss all the spots where the healer stands and we finally beat it. I checked the healer's and the tank's gear. Healer had lv 30ish armor with completely wrong accessories and the tank had some DoW gear on. Summoner and I /flamesaluted each other and I gave her my commendation. I'm 90% sure she gave me one too. Twas a fun run indeed. X'D

Also just had a run where a geared healer was complaining about tanks with strength accessories in Praetorium ahahahaha.
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