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Do you have any interesting roulettes in FFXIV

Postby TamamShamoon » Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:56 am

Had a couple of interesting roulettes yesterday...

For leveling roulette, I got Cutter's Cry. First thing I notice is the tank doesn't put his tank stance on when he goes to pull. Second, he's still a gladiator - not a paladin. Bad feeling begins... I check everyone's gear. I'm a 54 bard synced down to 40. Everyone else is at/around that level except the tank, who's synced down to 40 as well but wearing a piece of 44 gear.

I asked if he had his job crystal. He said no, not yet, in "say" rather than party chat. Bad feeling confirmed... I knew from that point that dps/scholar/Eos would be taking aggro for the entire dungeon. From the very first pull, hate was all over the party. The ninja caught it. The healer caught it. Eos caught it. And no amount of quelling strikes was going to keep hate off me if I was going to dps properly.

After the first floor, the ninja asked the tank to turn Shield Oath on. I replied he couldn't because he didn't have his job crystal. "Oh," he replies. "Yeah, we're the tanks now," I said. The gladiator spoke up in "say" again, owned up to being as good as a newbie, and said he didn't know what else to do beside flash a lot. I told him when he left the dungeon he should go to Gridania, start a conjurer, get it to 15, then go back to the Gladiator hall and pick up his level 30 Paladin quest from the receptionist there.

So we keep going...I accept my role as tank-bard and go all out. Eos and the scholar kept me healed. Occasionally the tank...tanked...and I did try to let him, switching targets, using Quelling, but long story short I tanked the second and third bosses pretty much exclusively and we got through Cheap FFXIV Gil. I told him again, if he was going to be an effective tank, he needs his job crystal and I wasn't saying it to be mean as I have all three tanks maxed, and if he forgot what I told him, google Paladin job quest. He asked "what do I do again?" So I told him again, including tips on how to power-level CNJ. And hopefully he'll do it but hey! We got through it, and I got two comms that I'm pretty sure were the SCH and NIN.

I really hope the tank commed that long-suffering SCH; I know I did.

Not long after, I registered for level 50 roulette on MCH, got Snowpeak, and the tank and healer were both new. The tank (DRK) tried to do the standard big pull on the way to the first gate and we wiped pretty fast. "Okay, smaller pulls!" the DRK said, unfazed, and the healer said yes thanks. I think they must have been a fresh 50 because she had trouble healing the whole run. She died during the first boss, summoner raised her, I died because we didn't get adds fast enough, summoner raised me, healer died again...we cleared with the healer dead but cheering us on! I coached the tank on his pulls from then on out, not because of him but because there was no way the healer could handle some of those pulls.

Snowpeak, typically a 20 minute run, took us nearly an hour. But hey! Everyone was good to each other even during wipes, we got the clear, and yay for another comm. I've had worse Snowpeak runs. -_- (One memorable occasion included three wipes at Fenrir and a dps who switched her internet from wireless to her phone's hotspot bc it was better.)
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