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Pick up a tanking role in FFXIV

Postby TamamShamoon » Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:45 am

Last night I'm leveling my marauder through roulette. Copperbell (My MRD was like 23 or something). Trying to pick up a tanking role, though I main SCH.

So we queue in and the conjurer has cleric stance up. Which I initially take to be a good thing. Except they also have the leafy-leaf.

First pull, I establish hate. I'm almost instantly dying. At first, I think it's my fault because I'm STR spec'd at low levels (for the hate). Pop ALL the CDs. Nothing works. Dead. Then I notice that the CNJ is still in CS. I say "Hey, do you know about cleric stance? You pretty much can't heal in it, unfortunately. You should try to take it off for now. " No response. The CNJ is stoning like a pothead in a hotbox.

I respawn, and I make the (very sad) decision to let the party wipe so I can work with this new healer. When they respawn, I'm all like "Hey, would you like some advice healing? You need to take off cleric stance and then focus on using cure on ..." The healer has run ahead and pulled the mobs to Buy FFXIV Gil. I'm all like O.O "Hey, you really should let me pull and you can heal me?" Nothing. "Hey there, <Do you speak English?> " Nothing. At this point they've died/rez'd/pulled again. I also realize that they probably never once tried to heal me in that first pull.

Vote kick. I felt SO bad about it because I really, really wanted to explain to them how dungeons/team play works and what your priorities are as a healer, but I just couldn't. Luckily, we had an ACN in the party so we progressed through to the first boss just fine until a WHM loaded in. The emerald carby DPSd while the ACN kept me up. If you're reading this: good job. Go SCH, you'll love it.
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